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SNAPVX status


I have a query regarding SNAPVX in VMAX3 family and above. Writing method provided is either COW or ROW

1) How can I check whether my SNAP session is COW or ROW ?

2) Is there a way to check details of SNAP pool in VMAX 3 ?

Either using symcli/Unisphere for VMAX anyone will be helpful

Thanks to the amazing brain in advance!!

Bhaskar Anand

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Re: SNAPVX status

A SnapVX session will use both ROW and COW as needed, so checking what mode it is in is not applicable. Snap pools do not exist in VMAX3. Check this paper for more info: https://www.emc.com/collateral/technical-documentation/h13697-emc-vmax3-local-replication.pdf