SRDF CASCADE set mode asyn R21 got error


I am testing a SRDF Cascade before implement it in a production environment.

let me explain

I configured R1 ---> R21 as Synchronous mode

I configured R21---> R2 as acp_disk (it is the default mode when you create the pair)

the problem is:

When a try to set mode to asyn R21--->R2 (KB 502865), I got the following error message

All the devices in the SRDF/A session must be managed together when the devices are in async mode.

I was using a file and i created a device group, one por R1 devs and one for the R21 devs, but i got the same error.

i will appreciate your help on this

Best regards

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Re: SRDF CASCADE set mode asyn R21 got error

As the message states, the Device File, DG, CG, SG... whatever container you use to operate on a group of devices, must contain ALL devices that belong to the RDF group you are wanting to set to SRDF/A mode. So first thing to do is audit the device file against the devices in the R21>R2 RDF Group - make sure the number of devices match.

For the device file, the first column is the R21 and the second column is the R2.

Make sure that the RDF group number in the command matches the RDFG devices in the file belong to.