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SRDF conversion from FC to IP

Currently, we are doing replication over FC RA ports on the VMAX200K. We are installing IP Slics to change to replication over IP. Has anyone done this conversion before? Do we have to create new SRDF groups and migrate everything over to the new groups? 

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Re: SRDF conversion from FC to IP

Create a separate RDFG for your RE ports and then perform a movepair operation to get your devices from the RF RDFG across to the RE RDFG. You will need to suspend RDF first, but it's not a re-synch of the data:

symrdf -sid 001 addgrp -label RE_RF -rdfg 109  -dir 9g:0,7e:0 -remote_rdfg 109 -remote_dir 9g:0,7e:0 -remote_sid 002

Execute a Dynamic RDF Addgrp operation for group

'RE_RF' on Symm: 0001 (y/) ? y

The RDF directors specified to support the dynamic RDF group are not the same type