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Unisphere isn't starting on a rebooted VM

I had to reboot our Solutions enabler. It was hung. Since that time Unisphere won't come up. I try starting through

/etc/init.d/smas start

I get a start message but within minutes/etc/iniit.d/smas status indicates that iit is no longer running

[root@i$host SMAS]# /etc/init.d/smas status

UNIVMAX is not running

I cannot find logs for this to determine what is giong wrong. I do have a logged case but I'm getting frustrated that this is hanging on so long so I"m posting  here for more eyes.

symdcli commands are working fine and all other daemons appear to be running fine.

stordaemon list

Available Daemons  ('

  • ': Currently Running):
  • storapid              EMC Solutions Enabler Base Daemon
  • storgnsd              EMC Solutions Enabler GNS Daemon
  •     storrdfd              EMC Solutions Enabler RDF Daemon

  • storevntd             EMC Solutions Enabler Event Daemon
  • storwatchd            EMC Solutions Enabler Watchdog Daemon
  •     storsrmd              EMC Solutions Enabler SRM Daemon

  • storstpd              EMC Solutions Enabler STP Daemon
  • storsrvd              EMC Solutions Enabler SYMAPI Server Daemon
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    Re: Unisphere isn't starting on a rebooted VM

    Support told me to uninstall and install This is what I did. This seems like an odd way to go but I currently have a working unisphere.

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