Unisys Servers with VMAX3 All Flash


Does anyone can help me about this issue with a Unisys Server?

Let me explain

There are two libra UNISYS servers, there is a  VMAX3 all Flash storage group share between them, to be clear Server A and Server B

Server A is acting as pasive and Server B is acting as active(Production)

The customer  turns off the Server A and i remove the zoning, the problem here, when the customer turns on the server A back and the server A is booting up it is asking for its devices, it is normal because there is no zoning, but the server A send messages to the server B for its disk, and the server B is getting a lot of error messages from Server A.

the main concern for the customer is to know what is happening, i dont know if the issue is coming form the Unisys server(BCA) side or from the VMAX side.

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Re: Unisys Servers with VMAX3 All Flash

How are server A and B related to each other. Are they clustered ? If clustered, what kind of cluster are they ? After removing the zones to server A, did they do proper cleanup of paths on the server side ? Im not familiar with UNISYS server, what is it, what operating system does it have?

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