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VMAX 3 LUN Expansion


I work for a client who is requesting to expand LUN's on the VMAX 2 and a VMAX 3. The issue I am having is that these LUN's are

a. Replicated using SRDF


b. Replicated using Recoverpoint

My question is can I go ahead and expand the LUN's both on the source and the target arrays without having to break the replication (SRDF or RPA)? Is this expansion seamless when the devices are being replicated? Is there a procedure that I need to follow specifically as when I would expand the R1 the R2 will not be of the same size right away until I expand it. Please let me know when you have a moment.



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Re: VMAX 3 LUN Expansion

For SRDF, Deletepair is currently a pre-requisite to a device expansion. You will find this documented in the Hypermax OS release notes. Keep a lookout for up coming announcements regarding enhancements in this space.

Recoverpoint protected device expansion isn't specifically listed in the limitations. I haven't attempted this one so hopefully someone else will chime in on the RP part.

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Re: VMAX 3 LUN Expansion

You need to break the replication session for RDF, believe the same for RP.  you'd need to take out of of the CG to exand the device and then do the required steps to add it back to the CG.

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