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VMAX SMI-S Provider Parent/Child Initiator Group Relationship

We are using Symmetric /VMAX SMI-S provider to manage VMAX along with other Storage Arrays.

We have created Parent Initiator Group say R124-S04 and added two initiator port WWNs. One Child Initiator Group say R124-S04_Child (which also has another 2 initiator WWNs ) has also been added into Parent Initiator Group.

Now, through SMI-S calls, we are trying to find how many hosts or wwns or child initiator groups are part of parent initiator group. We can get individual initiator group (parent or Child) instance, but we cannot get relationship like, which child is part of which parent initiator group. Pls suggest whether this feature is available through SMI-S for VMAX?

In short, Code snippet is below for reference-

CloseableIterator<CIMInstance> mgmtServiceIter = client.associatorInstances(array.getObjectPath(), "",                                                                                 “Symm_StorageHardwareIDManagementService”, "", "", false, null);

hostsIter = client.associatorInstances(mgmtServiceIter.next().getObjectPath(), "", "SE_StorageHardwareID", "", "", false, null);

CloseableIterator<CIMInstance> devMaskingGroupIter = client.associatorInstances(hostsIter.next().getObjectPath(), "",                                                                                      "SE_InitiatorMaskingGroup", "", "", false, null);

Output is -

instance of SE_InitiatorMaskingGroup {

  ConsistentLogicalUnitNumber = false;

  DeleteOnEmpty = false;

DeleteWhenBecomesUnassociated = false;

  ElementName = "R124-S04";

  InstanceID = "SYMMETRIX+000198701333+R65-S01";


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