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VMAX Storage availability


Using the below command I can get the power-on time of the Symmetrix.

symcfg list -v -sid <ID>

If my system was down for a certain period and gets back online after some time. Is there any way we can measure the time between when Symmetrix was Powered Off, and the next time it is powered on? Is there any CLI command which can provide me this information?

Also, please help me understand the difference between the below two lines, which time does it show?

Symmetrix Last IPL Time (Cold)
Symmetrix Last Fast IPL Time (Hot)



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Re: VMAX Storage availability

Hi amitdhane,

I believe it is something with reboots versus updates to the software. I am not aware of a way to check for the amount of downtime, you could probably see the last log entry and the current time.

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