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VMAX3 Performance SLO

Hello dear colleagues,

I have question about VMAX3 performance. Customer has tested VMAX 3 with ORACLE RAC and he's unsatisfied with tested performance. There are VMAX3 400k with 8 engines and 2 production tiers (SSD in Raid5 3+1 and 600GB 10k in RAID1)  I've checked performance and all looks good. But 90% IO makes by 600GB10k pool. So SLO has been installed in Platinum goes to critical state because RT for it devices is up to 12ms. System loads with more than 50000 IOPS but during one hour. My questions are: Is it possible that FAST didn't has enough time for moving "hot" data to SSD? And why a performance statistic shows only a few tracks for digress/ingress (no more than 200)? What I should analyze for getting more information about FAST process?

Thanks in advance!


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