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What is "FE Balance" and what is a good %?

On Unisphere for VMAX, in the performance dashboards, is a graph labeled "FE Balance." It shows a % value, but there is precious little information on what it means, and what a good % value is.

I opened a case with support and they sent me KB article 000469605, which pretty much says, "FE balance is the balance of the FE's" and they will not provide any further information beyond that.

Balance of what, exactly? What is a good %? What is a bad %? Does 100% mean 100% in balance or 100% out of balance? Or, should I be shooting for 50% because it's halfway in between? None of that information seems to be documented anywhere.

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Re: What is "FE Balance" and what is a good %?

review the Unisphere-for-vmax-<version>-Online-help.pdf.

it is the difference between the maximum and minimum values for "%Busy". In a balanced system the value would be relatively low. 100% would mean 100% out of balance.

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Re: What is "FE Balance" and what is a good %?

Hi Matt,

the FE Balance is the difference between the busiest and the least busy FE director for each time stamp i.e a 5 minute time sample.

in terms of what would be a good value it would depend on what your expectations are on how busy you would expect the FE directors to be. The theory was that higher the value it shows an imbalance i.e that some FE Directors are busier than others

I believe the idea was that if you know your system you can identify behavior that is out of the norm. For example a customer can decide that based on his environment and workload 30% difference is within the norm so he can trigger an event if the 30% is crossed more than n out of m times.