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consistent TimeFinder VP/Snaps?

Guys, quick question on terminology here.

A client is using RecoverPoint to replicate to a VMAX 10K at the secondary site. The plan is for the yearly exercise to take TF VP snapshots of the protected volumes and present them for testing.

My question is around consistency with the TF snapshots as all the volumes in each RecoverPoint Consistency Group need to be snapped "consistently". To date I have set this up using device files and the following commands for each CG:

symclone –sid 455 –f test.txt create –vse

symclone -sid 455 -f test.txt activate

Where I get confused is there seems to be multiple ways to maintain consistency with TimeFinder. I'm not sure if they all provide the same functionality.

So do the above commands provide a consistent snapshot across all the devices in the txt file?

...or do I need to add the -consistent flag to leverage ECA?

...or do I need to use TimeFinder/Consistency Groups?


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Re: consistent TimeFinder VP/Snaps?

You are going to want to add -consistent to the activate command so that they are consistent with one another. Taken from the product guide:

"When you include the –consistent option, SYMAPI suspends any further I/O before activation. Suspending I/O during the brief period when activation occurs prevents any pending records from being included in the clone copy. When activation completes, SYMAPI allows I/O to resume."

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