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list cache slot age

I am trying to get a time for cache slots age. The reason being is I want to get a feel for how persistant readahead for sequential reads are.

Is there a symmcli command to poll this information ?

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Re: list cache slot age

Hello there,

Try the following might not be 100% to what you are looking for (Solutions Enabler CLI command reference guide)

To display PREFETCH statistics about all back-end DA

directors in the specified Symmetrix array every 60

seconds 100 times, enter:

symstat -DA ALL -i 60 -c 100 -type prefetch -sid 8910

The following output is returned:

DIR Preftch Preftch Trk/sec

H:MSmiley Frustrated Trk/sec Used Unused

A         B         C     D

A Time of day.

B Number of prefetched tracks per second.

C Number of prefetched tracks used per second.

D Number of prefetched tracks superseded per second.

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