symsan shows link status port disconnected (SRDF)


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there are 2 VMAX 3 all flash boxes configured with standard SRDF/A , there are 2 SRDF group (60 and 70) by using 3E and 4E, but i was taking a look at the performance statistics, and i found that the RF 3E is not showing any information.

By using the symsan command symsan -sid 1495 -sanrdf -dir all list, it shows the following information where the 3E is online but the link status is disconnected, please take a look at the image attached.

Any idea?, any tip, is it normal?, where can i start my

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Re: symsan shows link status port disconnected (SRDF)

check the physical connection ,and check the port is in right VSAN from switch side; check the standard switch port troubleshooting steps.

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