vmax450AF symcli 8.3 unmap device not working

Context is in reclamining a Mask and SG , had done for far:

symaccess -sid xxxx delete view -name bert -unmap                            # interesting this clearly didn't unmap devs

symaccess -sid xxxx delete -name bert  -type storage -force

symdev -sid xxxx -devs 0474,063A,068A:068F free -all

####..wouldn' work as stated devs mapped or ready hence

symdev -sid xxxx -devs 0474,063A,068A:068F not_ready   ....ok

symconfigure -sid xxxx -cmd "unmap dev 0474,063A,068A:068F from dir ALL:ALL;" preview

###fails with message

#### "The port attributes does not allow this operation for this microcode or SYMAPI version"

#### ..well i knew bind operations had changed in 8.3 but not sure why this won't work ... any ideas ??

####Need to get to this stage

symdev -sid 0355 -devs 0474,063A,068A:068F delete

Hope this makes sense at least to describe issue ...

Thanks ! john

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Re: vmax450AF symcli 8.3 unmap device not working

Is it possible one or more of the devices in question are still in use in another masking view/storage group? If that's the case those devices would need to be removed from that SG as well. Manual mapping/unmapping is no longer supported, it is always tied with the masking operations now.

If you're certain the devices are removed from all SGs, then I would suggest opening a Service Request with Dell EMC support.

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Re: vmax450AF symcli 8.3 unmap device not working

make sure your devices are not in any other storage group:

#symaccess list -type storage -sid XXX -devs 0474,063A,068A:068F

and also make sure none of the devices have snapshot/clone/SRDF connection.

if your devices are free you can try the delete command (there is no need for unamp):

#symdev free -all -dev 0474 (this process can take some time)

#symdev delete 0474 -sid 0355

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