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what are the steps for creating backup in VMAX


Please guide me what the steps for backup in VMAX Array, Like Snap,Mirror,Time Finder,Clone

Thanks in Advance


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Re: what are the steps for creating backup in VMAX

Your question seems pretty vague - I suggest reading up on the features, then asking more specific questions.

Have you tried looking at the EMC support site?  There are numerous White Papers that detail TimeFinder features.

One of my go-to guides is EMC Solutions Enabler TimeFinder Family CLI Product Guide.  You'll find a detailed explanation of the CLI commands used by Solutions Enabler for taking Snaps and Clones.  For a more general overview, I like Implementing TimeFinder VP Snap for Local Replication, because it graphically descripes VP Snaps and how they can be used.

Using Snaps and Clones for backup purposes are quite common, but the implementation and specifics will differ, based on the operating systems involved, filesystems used, applications in play, etc. 

Once you have some specific implementation questions, let us know how we can help!


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