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Can we force SRM 5.0 with SRDF SRA 5.0.1 to recover at target site?

SRDF/A  (latest 5876 code)

SRM 5.0/SRA 5.0.1 (out of support, I know for the SRA)

vCenter 5.0

We are moving the target VMAX to a loaner VMAX target (where we will not use SRM) and then we will move back to the original VMAX (after it is moved).  We are using Concurrent SRDF to populate the loaner R2's.

When we introduced Concurrent SRDF for the VMAX protected vm Datastores, SRM broke down, reporting that the vm's are not on protected Datastores.  This was due to the SRA version in place (5.0.1), which does not support Concurrent SRDF. 

We unconfigured the Concurrent SRDF leg, and SRM recovered from its error state.

Here's my question: if we had a DR event while Concurrent SRDF is enabled, and SRM is in an error state, and if the source side SRM server were unavailable due to the DR event, could we do one of the following:

                1) use the DR side SRM server to "force" a vm recovery

                                - perhaps by manually enabling the SRDF link

                2) manually recover the vm's (not using SRM) by manually enabling SRDF and by manually inventorying vm's

Thank you!

P.S. We do not have the option to upgrade SRM/SRA/vCenter until AFTER the migration is complete.

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