Configure CIFS Folder on VNX/VNXe for VMware Thinapp Repository

If you want to use a VNX/e array as repository to store your Thinapp apps, you will configure a CIFS Folder but quickly get a ”Failed to access the network path.error message within View Console UI when adding this folder to "Add repository" menu from "Thinapp Configuration" option.

So, here are steps to follow to avoid this message and use VNX CIFS folder : 

- Check your array configuration : DNS hostname registered and resolution ok

- Create a dedicated account in your AD Domain, to act as Service Account

- From your storage array, be sure to set permissions to Read and Execute (for the service account) on your CIFS folder or use a Microsoft MMC to set Windows permissions.

- Reconfigure these VMware View services (View connection server, Framework Component, Web Component) to use this newly created account, then restart after. Begin with VMware VDMDS that will restart also View Connection Server. Don’t forget to do the same for all services above to apply changes.

- You should be able to add your CIFS folder as a Thinapp Repository !

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