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Consolidating Storage Groups for VMware cluster

These are clustered ESX hosts.

Here’s the plan.  Lets say we have a storage group, SG1, with 2 ESX hosts, H1 and H2.

1.       Create a new storage group, SG2, and add the luns from SG1 to SG2.  The luns are now visible to both (I know its not recommended).

2.       VMotion all of the guests from H2 to H1.  H2 now has now guests.

3.       Remove H2 from SG1 and add H2 to SG2.

4.       VMotion all of the guests from H1 to H2.

5.       Remove H1 from SG1 and add H1 to SG2.

Will this generate any path down issues?

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Re: Consolidating Storage Groups for VMware cluster

Here, I believe you want to migrate all VMs from one set of LUNs to another set without downtime.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

So say you have single masking view 'MV' with initiator group 'IG'(initiators of H1 and H2), Storage group 'SG1'(LUNA, LUNB) and Port group 'PG'.
Hope initiator group 'IG' is created with -consistent_lun option enabled.

Now add new set of LUNs to Storage group 'SG1'(LUNC and LUND)

Scan devices(LUNC and LUND) from both the ESXi nodes and add as a datastore.

Migrate all the VMs using Storage vMotion from LUNs(LUNA, LUNB) to LUNs(LUNC and LUND).

Remove LUNs(LUNA, LUNB) from Storage Group 'SG1'.