MV/A - User Admin Fracture and SRM failover/failback

Hi all,

in your opinion could be ok a failover (consistent state mirror) with this procedure and then a failback (Clariion CX4-120 flare 30 and SRM 4.1 with vSphere 4.1)


1) wait that mirror are consistent (constency group configured)

2) admin fracture of group

3) i need to perform a test on active site after a heavy upgrade, if reboot fail go on step 4

4) remote promote with SRM

5) destroy SRM recovery plan

6) destroy mirror view consistency group and mirror view relatioship


1) rebuild mirror view from dr site to primary site

2) rebuild SRM recovery plan

3) wait for full sync

4) run SRM DR procedure

tnx for any help!


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Re: MV/A - User Admin Fracture and SRM failover/failback

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See if the following videos help.

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