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Monster VMware Study: Moves 3 RAC Nodes Under 180 Seconds!


We just posted a great Oracle Virtualization using VMware blog on the Oracle Community. Because Everything VMware is a great community I thought folks might be interested. Here is part of the blog: Monster VM Study: Moves 3 RAC Nodes Under 180 Seconds and I'll be happy to post on this community to if you like the idea!

"DBAs manage the enterprise’s most mission critical applications. Thus, DBAs want clear and convincing evidence of the benefits virtualization offers before adding another layer to the Oracle stack. In this recent study by IOUG entitled, “From Database Clouds to Big Data: 2013 IOUG Survey on Database Manageability” the 4th greatest challenge of database administrators surveyed was, “Managing a larger number of databases with the same resources.” The value of the Principled Technologies research study is that it demonstrates that Oracle DBAs can virtualize their Oracle database servers including production RAC nodes, and then easily move those VMs without any loss of availability. Oracle RAC is a cluster of many servers which access one database, a many-to-one architecture. This provides resiliency: If one server fails the surviving servers continue to provide database availability. Another interesting finding from this study is, “We have already consolidated our database and infrastructure onto a single technology platform for our critical business applications”. The study adds more color by noting, “A developing trend may be taking hold, as many IT organizations move towards database consolidation onto a shared and/or cloud environment.” Virtualization is the platform which enables both consolidation and manageability for Oracle DBAs. In terms of manageability, virtualization offers the DBA:"

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