Powershell Scripts for Monitoring and Visualizing Performance Data Part 2

This document is meant to provide examples of how to easily process and create charts of data that has been formatted in CSV files.

Please see the first “Powershell Scripts for Monitoring and Visualizing Performance Data” post in order to work through prerequisites.  See link above.  In order for the chart creation to work, Power Gadgets needs to be installed and working with native powershell commands as shown in the document.


Currently Supports

IOmeter results CSV

PowerShell vscsistats CSV

PowerShell EMC Unified Block CSV

PowerShell EMC Unified NAS CSV

Soon to provide examples of

PowerShell EMC Symmetrix CSV

EMC Unified Block (NAR/Analyzer) CSV

PowerShell VMware esxtop CSV

Native VMware batch mode esxtop CSV

Others.. ask and provide example CSVs.

This is the "easy button" for creating massive amount of standarized charts =)  See the attached charts-run1 zip that shows what kind of output to expect if following the guidelines outlined in the document.  Feel free to give me some feedback as this is a pretty wide approach, and can use some more work in certain areas.


3/23/11 Added cust_out-excel.ps1 to output results to excel.  do a "| .\cust_out-excel.ps1"

MD5: 7EDA5FD5955AE89C9C84378ECE31BDAD

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