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RecoverPoint support for VAAI hardware-assisted copy?

I asked Chad Sakac during his recent webcast titled, "3 Pieces of Bad News and a Deep Dive into APD," whether support for hardware-assisted copy feature of VAAI was on the roadmap for RecoverPoint. He suggested I post the question here.

Ideally this would be implemented in such a way that performing a svmotion from one replicated LUN to another would not result in re-replicating the VM. Instead RecoverPoint would recognize the svmotion event on the source, and then just move the corresponding blocks on the destination.

For what it is worth, we are running 3.4 of RecoverPoint with a CX4-240, using the integrated splitter.


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Re: RecoverPoint support for VAAI hardware-assisted copy?

Right now the splitter 'rejects' the command so that you can enable this at the ESX layer and use it for all the other LUNs of your CX4 that are not being replicated.  We're working very closely with the engineering team to implement the other VAAI commands.  Right now the splitter implements the CAS/ATS command and rejects the other VAAI commands.  The objective is to implement the commands so that a VAAI command can be sent to a remote site and then executed there-- for example you don't want RP to replicate a whole bunch of zeros that were created locally, you'd want RP to replicate the zero fill command instead of the replicating the thousands of zeros.

Stay tuned for more details.


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Re: RecoverPoint support for VAAI hardware-assisted copy?

RP with CX splitter already supports VAAI.

But RP is not VAAI aware, so it will replicate all the data.    

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Re: RecoverPoint support for VAAI hardware-assisted copy?

To clarify the previous answers:

- The default, for the latest splitters, is to reject VAAI commands, as Gary explained.

- RecoverPoint does have deeper integration with VAAI, with a focus on CLARiiON and VNX arrays and with the array splitter. RP needs to be aware of these commands when doing its journaling, when testing an image using image access etc.. For the VNX/CX splitter:

  • With R30, VAAI H/W assist locking is accelerated
  • With VNX (R31), all the other VAAI commands are also accelerated

Acceleration means that the commands are offloaded for the production storage.

The full VAAI behavior is documented in the "Replicating VMware Technical Notes" tech note (available on PowerLink).

The case you described involves also replicating the accelerated behavior to the DR site. This is something that we consider in a future release.

I encourage you to further discuss your case - the frequency you foresee these svmotion happening, amount of data transferred etc.

If necessary - you can mail me directly - efri.nattel-shay@emc.com


Efri Nattel-Shay

RecoverPoint Product Management

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