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Updated white paper on VAAI/Symmetrix with new XCOPY & UNMAP results

I’ve updated our (cody.hosterman@emc.com and drew.tonnesen@emc.com) white paper, Using VMware vSphere Storage APIs for Array Integration with EMC Symmetrix, and published it to EMC.com:


Highlights include:

  1. Graphical results from UNMAP (dead space reclamation) testing – TF/Clone, SRDF etc.
  2. Expanded Full Copy (XCOPY) graphical results using the newly recommended larger transfer size of 16 MB
  3. Changes for vSphere 5.1 and the latest Enginuity release 5876.159

The new recommended change to the Full Copy transfer size makes this a MUST READ for Symmetrix customers using VMware to greatly improve performance of Full Copy tasks.

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