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VNX naviseccli how to allocate LUN to the host

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因为平时都是使用的图形界面进行操作,还没有使用过CLI的方式。现在又需求,看了下社区里的相关的文章页翻了下NaviSphere CLI的手册。大致原理明白,比如创建storagegroup,-setpath注册卡,-addalu添加lun到storagegroup.但是有如下2点疑惑。

Because I usually use a graphical interface to operate, have not used the way the CLI. Now they demand, looked under the community pages of related articles doubled under NaviSphere CLI manual. Generally understood principles, such as creating storagegroup, -setpath registration card, -addalu add lun to storagegroup. 2:00 But there are doubts.

1.图形界面里我们一般是先注册HBA卡。命令行是否是先创建storagegroup,  storagegroup -setpath是否就是对应的注册HBA呢?

如果是,这个命令已经于对应的storagegroup关联了,是否就不需要在对应的做-connecthost 了呢,-setpath时已经包含了对应的storagegroup和host 了? -connecthost 是否就不少必须了?

1. Graphic interface where we usually are first registered HBA card. Is the command line to create storagegroup, storagegroup -setpath whether the corresponding registration HBA is it?

If yes, this command has been in the corresponding association storagegroup, and if you do not need to do in the corresponding -connecthost it, when -setpath already contains the corresponding storagegroup and host it? Are -connecthost would be a lot?

2. naviseccli -h -user -password -scope 0 storagegroup -addhlu -gname -hlu -alu

这个命令是否可以一次指定多个alu(即对应的storagegroup中一次添加多个LUN),如果可以,如何表示多个LUN呢。是否向高端食用Solution Enabler一样可以用xxx:yyy,zzz类似这样的格式来指定一段或几个lun呢? 另为了可以消除LUNZ是否必须先指定一个 -hlu 0 -alu xxx这样显示的的操作,然后再添加剩余lun。还是 默认的HLU的分配就是从0依次分配的呢(假设此storagegroup开始为空没有任何LUN)?

2. naviseccli -h -user -password -scope 0 storagegroup -addhlu -gname -hlu -alu

Whether the command can specify multiple alu (ie corresponding storagegroup once add multiple LUN), and if so, how to represent multiple LUN yet. Whether or not to end like eating Solution Enabler can xxx: yyy, zzz like this format to specify a period or several lun it? In order to eliminate another LUNZ must specify whether the operation of such a -hlu 0 -alu xxx displayed, and then add the remaining lun. HLU or default allocation is assigned sequentially from 0 it (assuming this storagegroup began to empty without any LUN)?



Thank you experts hope to answer the following and give examples.

Example, if the complete process using the command line is assigned a LUN better, thank you!

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