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ViPR SRM 3.6u3: Customer requesting detailed input on VMware SP

IHAC whose VMware Admin is looking at SRM 3.6u3 VMware SP reports and is requesting additional details.  See his questions below, with my comments. 

1. Ability to create reports around the device for ESXi bFSAN?  The specific interest is in the performance of ESX disk partitions which are used to boot from SAN, for example if the performance is degraded or there is a lot of activity due to a 'boot storm'.
2. Does the solution pack have any can reports or reporting for ESXi PowerPath/VE?  VMware admin did not have view of Explore->Vmware reports for Hypervisor that show topology, those reports may address this issue
3. What values does emc vipr have that are useable for XXX that you have seen with customer that have opinion good around vmware?
4. If a ESXi node is removed from inventory it has a unique ID and will EMC vipr identify that as removed? If re added would it retain archive data for recreate data for that ESXi node?  I think this one is answered, SP stores metrics using the unique IDs, if a device is removed the vstatus property changes to 'inactive' but the data is kept for up to a year depending on the aggregation
5. Is there any know bugs for ghost objects around the solutionpack for vmware that we should look for?  This question is about VMware Site Recovery Manager aka VMware SRM.  In order to facilitate failover, VMware SRM creates VM objects on the B-side that are 'placeholders' for the corresponding VMs on the A-side.  He is concerned about how these placeholders are handled.
6. What reports within EMCvipr are similar to powerpath viewer? Duplicate #2
7. Create reports for i/o latency above 100ms?  Specifically he is looking for a report on Hypervisors that would show I/O issues, there may be something already.  Similar to #1 except that is specific to boot partitions.
8. Reports around VDS? VMware Virtual Distributed Switch or just virtual switch.  vSphere has information about these, looked like mainly configuration, I did not see corresponding objects in SRM.
9. Are there in plug-ins to vCenter/vSphere for EMCvIpr?  Attaching a screen snap that shows EMC VSI plugin running in vSphere.  My understanding is that he is more interested in generally being able to extend the functionality in SRM, rather than this particular plugin.

Geoff Bradford
Senior Solutions Architect
EMC | Advanced Software Division - Americas
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