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Where in ESX are my VAAI stats?

I get this question ocassionally so here is the offiical answer for the all too common question.  Where can I view VAAI stats? Yes I'm sure you can find this elsewhere in the forums.

The most readily available area to view these stats is by logging in to an ESX/i console and running esxtop.  See the following command sequence (and attached screenshot).

From an ESX/i console


u (for disk device)

f (add/remove fields)

bgi (remove fields)

op (add VAAI fields)

And wallah, see the attached screenshot, it should be identical if you are running 4.1.

There is a bug however when viewing.  You will notice in certain columns that the numbers are "counters" and not "gauges" (RRD terminology).  This means that the counter never decriments and is a continuous counter.  The only way to view this data as a "gauge," or representation of recent data, is to either reboot the host or leverage powercli to view the stats and have it do the math for you. 

Conveniently the scripts which can serve as an example are here.. https://community.emc.com/thread/117380

How about viewing the VAAI stats from the fan-in perspective (storage array)?  Working on that.. I will post here when that functionality becomes available.

CLONE/MBC - Hardware Accelerated Move

ATS - Atomic Test and Set

Zero - Hardware Accelerated Init

AVG - Average Repsonse Times for VAAI operations

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