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pshell get_naviseccli script for bringing array information into powershell

These scripts allow you to easily bring EMC NS (flare) information into powershell (without EMC powershell cmdlets).  It makes certain things like looking up LUN names from UIDs, and the reverse extremely easily.  This kind of correlation is the primitive to making some very cool and functional powershell scripts that provide extra value in the VMware world and elsewhere.

Just about all information from NaviSecCli is formatted in an easily retrievable method, check the header of the get_naviseccli script to see how to execute.  It is dynamic in nature where you can lookup things by different keys which allow for lookups, reverse lookups, and much more!  There is an option to specify the path to a file that has been created ahead of time.  This can be done by launching the exec_naviseccli_cmd script by itself instead of get_naviseccli.

I hope this makes everyone's lives a bit easier and we see more EMC NS information integrated by way of these scripts!

It requires that you have Navisphere CLI installed and the naviseccli.exe binary copied to the script directory.


And for those psheller's out there, the get_naviseccli under the covers is a pretty killer dynamic parser based on predetermined hints in a multidimensional hash.  Interesting stuff, and useful for parsing anything out there!

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