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Active I/O vs Active

Hi All,

We have ESXi6.0 U2 and ESXi 6.5 connecting VNX 5400. We are using software iSCSI initiator no port-binding is being used.  On the storage, we use Round-Robin policy. There are four paths from ESXi host to the storage. On the ESXi6.5, I see two paths as “Active I/O” and other two paths as “Active” to LUNs. The “Active I/O” paths going to SP which owns the LUN. My understanding is that “Active I/O” is the optimized path and it is being used for I/O activities, and the “Active” is standby path. We have another VNX on a separate site with ESXi 6.0, it shows all paths as “Active”, and I do not see any “Active I/O”. Why ESXi hosts in this cluster do not have optimized paths to storage? I would appreciate your comment and advice.

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First, make sure that you've followed the best practices for setting up iSCSI connections. See KB 470899

Pay close attention to the section about the configuration of the host NICs and the array SP ports and the subnetting. If this is correct check that the other host is configured the same.


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