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Any known VLAN size limitations?

We are going to soon be the proud owners of several VNX5300's and trying to tie up loose ends before the installation.  We are a regional ISP and have a ridiculous amount of VLAN's being used.  Does anyone know if there are any size limitations of the actual VLAN name.  We are hoping to use a four digit number to ease some of our record keeping burdens.

Thank you for everyone's time.

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Re: Any known VLAN size limitations?

G'Day Ghuey

Here are some information about LUN capacity for VNX 5300,VNX 5500, VNX 5700, VNX 7500. You can get more detailed information with "EMC Unified Storage Best Practices for Performance and Availability Common Platform and Block Storage 31.0" best practices. You can download it in our Powerlink. If you don't have a Powerlink account yet, let me know so I can send you via email.

Maximum Virtual Provisioning LUN capacity 

The capacity of the largest Virtual Provisioning pool LUN thick and thin for OE – Block 31.0 is 16 TB.

Maximum traditional LUN capacity

The capacity of the largest traditional LUN, is that of the largest, highest capacity drive RAID group.   A RAID group can be made-up of as many as 16 drives.  The data protection scheme, parity or mirror reduces the maximum capacity of the drives.

For example, a 28 TB raw capacity LUN can be created using a 16-drive RAID-level 6 (14+2) dedicated group using 2 TB NL-SAS drives.

Maximum MetaLUN LUN capacity

MetaLUNs provide the largest capacity of all LUN types.  Through a combination of striping and concatenating FLARE LUNs, very large metaLUNs can be constructed. It is easily possible to create LUNs of Petabyte capacities by using metaLUNs.  

For example, assuming the maximum number of drives in a RAID group (16), and the maximum number of component LUNs that can make-up a metaLUN (512), the largest MetaLUN that can  be provisioned drive-wise could contain 8192 drives (16 drives * 512 component LUNs).  This value exceeds the capacity of the largest VNX storage system the VNX7500, which can accommodate 1000 drives.



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Re: Any known VLAN size limitations?

For information about VLANs and VLAN tagging, please refer to the VLAN Tagging and Routing on EMC CLARiiON white paper available on Powerlink.

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