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Ask the Expert: VNX supporting True Multi-Tenancy

On the lines of VNX Models that support true multi-tenancy, here's my question. As in VNX2, it does not support overlapping UP addresses spaces. i.e., My solution requirement is to host two or more tenants that use the same IP addresses or subnet ranges on the same Physical Data Mover.

More deeper explanation:

The solution must be able to present each tenant on its own virtual network.  This means each tenant must be able to participate in a unique VLAN from other tenants & support its own routing table which may contain overlapping routes with other NAS tenants.  Routes applied to one tenant may not influence the routing behaviors of another NAS tenant.  Resources of one tenant must not be visible to other tenants unless this access is granted through an external network device

I would throw in the following as a requirement to my solution:

1) Each NAS File system must maintain a unique routing table and not rely on a root NAS routing table.

2) Each NAS File system must be able to be assigned to a unique active directory domain.  This is to support those agencies which have their own resource domain and expect the NAS to be in that domain.

3) The NAS system must support multiple VLANs and can assign a VLAN to each file system

What is the possible work-around or by when does VNX start supporting true multi-tenancy?

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