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CIFS Share: user cannot edit folder security permission


I have a VNX unified storage 5300.

I created a virtual datamover, vdm1, and joined it to the windows 2012 domain.

I only have CIFS shares configured.

In one of this CIFS share I would like to give some domain users the rights to create folders and to edit the security permissions.

The idea is to delegate to this subset of users (let's call them admin users) the task of creating folders and give the end users access only to one or some of those folders:

user1 can access folder1 but not folder2

user1 can access folder2 but not folder1

and so on.

The problem is that even if I give to the admin user full control on the root folder (the share itself) the users cannot change the folder's permission. They get a "access is denied" error.

So far the only way I found to fix the issue is to add the admin users to the local Administrator group of the VNX CIFS server joined to the domain, but this is too much rights as they can have access to the CIFS server configuration.

I'm sure there is going to be another way to fix this, but so far no luck.

Did anyone face this (or similar) issue?

Thank you in advance


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Re: CIFS Share: user cannot edit folder security permission

in order to change permissions user should have full rights on the share and then full rights on the folder itself. If you give a user change right on the share but full rights on the folder, he/she will not be able to change permissions. Most restrictive permission always wins. This is nothing specific to Celerra, if you can get your configuration working on a windows machine you will be able to make it work on Celerra/VNX.

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Re: CIFS Share: user cannot edit folder security permission

Thank you dynamox!

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