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Can't delete Lun on the VNX 3300

So I was playing with our new VNX(I'm used to Symms) and created a volume in our thin pool.  When I used the wizard it assigned it looks like it assigned it to SPA and shared it with the Celerra Head.  When I try to delete it it says the following.

Failed to delete the following LUN(s):

Lun 2 - Contained within a storage grup

Right now the VNX is not in "Production" yet so I'm kind of playing with it.  I was thinking that what I have to do is some how remove it from being shared to the Celerra then it probably would allow me to delete it.  However I can't find anywhere where it will allow me to do that.


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Re: Can't delete Lun on the VNX 3300

I figured it out.  I needed to go into Unisphere, under hosts, then click on the      ~filestorage storage group.  Then under the Luns tab I could remove it.  After that I could delete the lun.  Whew.