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Celerra Network config

customer has an NS80 that we recently had to change from a 4port trunked config ( MLT ) to a fail safe config.

I noticed in Celerra Manager that the only option is to choose one (1) cge port of the six (6) available as primary and 1 as standby...

two questions...

1) is the option available to choose more than 1 port active and 1 standby to two active and 2 standby

2) is there a default setting that needs to be changed as we can no get the standby port to go "live" when we take to the "primary" port down to test.

any assistance here would be greatly aprpeciated...

Richard Boyer

EMC Federal On-Site Resident



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Re: Celerra Network config

sorry........... forgot to add that we were going from etherchannel to fail safe option within Celerra Manager.........
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Re: Celerra Network config


This forum is more for developer information and issues rather than customer issues. You can go to the Celerra Forum (http://celerra.emc.com/clearspacex/index.jspa) and place your post there. You will most likely receive a very timely and appropriate response.

Ken Collins

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Re: Celerra Network config

If you want more than one interface you need to build one or two trunk devices first and then put a FSN on top of it

see the Networking High Availability manul


P.S.: since you are an EMC employee please use the internal Celerra forum at celerra.emc.com

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