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Celerra Replication and validating a solution (SVC).

I can't see any SVC forms for Celerra replication in Powerlink under

( Home >Services >Solutions Validation Forms>Pre-sales Qualifiers and Questionnaires >Business Continuity).

Normally if I'm architecting certain types of replication - something like MirrorView (over IP), Recoverpoint, Replication Manager, they all require validation by EMC's SVC team and have associated SVC forms in Powerlink - so you need to complete the forms which detail the proposed solution e.g. the applications/ LUNs to protect, the network bandwidth between sites, etc.

I would have thought that you'd need to complete some kind of SVC form for Celerra Replication (eg replicating iSCSI LUNs between sites) before implementation work actually begun, but I can't see any forms or tools for Celerra to do this.  Is there something you (EMC) use to make sure the solution will work and meet the relevant RPO and RTO for the customer, with Celerra ?

The reason I'm asking is because I recently came across a case where the solution that had been architected and was not realistic.  It failed to meet the required RPO and RTO, actually just took too long to replicate.  They hadn't nearly enough bandwidth available between the 2 sites for replication.  However the solution was still configured.

Normally with something like an SVC, all the important prerequisites would have been confirmed by EMC before anybody would have begun to implement.

So is there some kind of form or process available to verify Celerra replication solutions or is it not necessary with Celerra Replicator  ?

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