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D@RE inplace upgrade experience?


Has any one performed an in-place upgrade of their VNX to enable data at rest encryption?  Any idea how long the process will take to rewrite all the data ?  Any other issues associated ?

Additionally is it possible to SAN copy from a un-encrypted array (VNX) to an encrypted array (VNX2)?



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Scott Riley
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Re: D@RE inplace upgrade experience?

The document below has some information pertaining to data in-place upgrades to D@RE. There is a potential issue if your block code is less than 5.33…081 or your enabler is less than, so make sure you are at the latest revs before you do this. How long it takes depends on a lot of factors, but I would measure the process in days not hours.

You also have to disable FAST Cache before you start the process, so you will take a potential performance hit. You can re-enable FAST Cache after the process starts, but it will take a while to warm-up, figure hours for that.


Regarding SAN Copy – going from a VNX to a VNX2 with D@RE enabled should work fine. D@RE works at the drive level – anything coming in or out of the front end of the VNX is unencrypted.

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