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Deleting old alerts from Unisphere GUI


On unisphere GUI, there are some old error and warning messages. When I try to delete these messages, I could not delete them. It seems there is a bug on Unisphere because, when I rignt click on a message, sometimes delete option is available, sometimes it is not. I could not find the reason of this. Also, choosing 'delete' does not work. All of the messages are still there.

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Re: Deleting old alerts from Unisphere GUI

Hi Serdark! Thanks for using EMC's Forum.

Try the procedure below and let us know the outcome!

"Why can't I clear a Navisphere or Unisphere alert?"

Only certain alerts are allowed to be dismissed because once a specific alert is dismissed, it is never shown to a customer again. Some alerts are deemed important enough to remind the customer of them and may fall into the non-dismissible category.

Note: Engineering mode will not help as there is no "back-door" method to dismiss a non-dismissible alert.

In the case of the "no available host spares" message, this was a new installation and configuration.  There were initially no hot spares configured on the array, which is contrary to best practices.  FLARE code Release 26 and later have a new alerts feature that will generate an alert if there is a configuration that is not recommended or does not follow best practices.

The iSCSI alert cannot be dismissed because you need to set the IP addresses for the iSCSI ports even if you are not going to be using them. The default IP address for all iSCSI ports as shipped from the factory is and if these ports are ever connected to a network, errors on the array and on the network will be generated. 
For detailed information about alerts please use  Navisphere/Unisphere Help.   

For Navisphere follow the path  Help > Help Topics > Managing Storage Systems > Managing Alerts > Resolving Alerts.                                                                       

For Unisphere follow the path Support > Unisphere Help > Managing Block Based Systems > Managing Storage Systems > Managing Alerts > Resolve Alerts.

Go to the View menu and deselect Alerts. This selection will persist for subsequent Navisphere sessions so the Alerts window will not pop-up automatically at the next time login. You can then look at the number of alerts shown in the upper right corner of Navisphere to determine whether any new alerts must be reviewed.

In the case of a new installation with no hot spares configured, once a hot spare on the array was configured, the alert cleared itself. In the case of ISCSI alerts, if you have no plans to use iSCSI, set the addresses to 172.16.x.x or 10.x.x.x. Do not use 192.168.x.x.

Cheers! Geraldo (Mediator)