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Disk configuration for RPA journals

Hi All,

Just wanted to hear your opinions on what would be the best, optimal way to configure storage for RPA journals: shall I use traditional RAID groups, or shall I go with Storage Pools? What are the pros and cons? Is there any EMC documentation that gives a good explanation on this topic.

Appreciate your input.

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Re: Disk configuration for RPA journals

Hi, It's an often debated question, that IMO, ppl spend too much time debating on !

It's said that RAID Groups can have a slightly higher performance profile compared to Storage Pool based LUNs. I have however seen tests that demonstrate the difference is often marginal at best.

Now, I just use separate Storage Pool(s) on discrete groups of SAS disks and find them perfectly suitable. By separate, I mean that the Storage Pool should only contain LUNs used for the Journals, no other workloads.

Keep the journal LUNs the same size, and make sure FAST Cache is not enabled.

They're easily expandable and simple to manage.