EMC SP Head Swap

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We have EMC VNX 5100. In that we populated 75 drives and now we want to add two more disk shelves based on the business requirement. I know VNX 5100 supports maximum of 75 drives. Is there a way to change/upgrade the VNX5300's SP like NetApp's Head Swap? meaning only replace hardware portion of 5100's DPE with 5300's SP unit along with existing disk shelves.Please suggest me on this.

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Re: EMC SP Head Swap

I believe there is no upgrade path from older VNX and newer versions so components nor SP's can be used or swapped

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Re: EMC SP Head Swap

Within the same generation though (which I believe you asked about: VNX 5100 to VNX 5300), there is an option to do a DIP (Data in Place) conversion from VNX5100 (Block) to a larger VNX configuration such as VNX5300 (Block).  It requires a service window and downtime to complete, but yes as you noted it would involve, amongst other tasks, swapping SP's.