Emergency Data Migration off of OOW production VNXe3100 - 70TB at 1Gbps

Situation: Stuck trying to migrate 70TB of data off a production VNXe3100 array which is EOL, 1gbps calculates 33 days of constant data migration.

Need help if anyone knows of a way to migrate using the secondary SAS ports (appear to be locked to expansion nodes only) or something else besides utilizing the main nics which are only moving data at 117Kbps even direct attached to 1G nics on a dell 530 server.

I was told we may be able to upgrade the 1G nic IO modules to 10G but EMC support advised only through general (VNXe3x00) documentation that this "may" be possible.

Completely willing to get a new array and work with PAYN T&M OOW services but they do not seem to be on the same page or have  definitive answers, afraid of blowing 10,000$ in HW upgrades and support that may lead to loss of data that is invaluable to the business. - Ergo, feeling like EMC is holding my data hostage... I understand this device is OOW, I'm a newer admin, predecessors should have replaced but too late for "woulda/shoulda/coula".

Is there no way to perform a direct copy off of the array outside of using the default 1g nics?

Any ideas much appreciated...

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Re: Emergency Data Migration off of OOW production VNXe3100 - 70TB at 1Gbps

whats your data - CIFS / NFS / ISCSI /... ?

not sure what you mean with "direct copy" ?

you cant use the SAS ports - they are for disk shelves only.

the 3100 doesnt support 10gbit - only the 3300 - but you could trunk both 1Gb ports or add an I/O module with 4x1Gb

I would suggest to contact EMC professional service in your region to get some ideas about options

Maybe they will loan you some hardware when you guy a new Unity system

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Re: Emergency Data Migration off of OOW production VNXe3100 - 70TB at 1Gbps

NFS data,

now EMC is telling me their Sales can't sell me ANY IO Modules because the system is EOSL. Even when we were directed to T&M for OOW support they keep closing the case despite us being ready to get this done. Sales is not happy we don't want to migrate to a new 40K$ EMC unity system so they are refusing to help..

So yea they're holding our data HOSTAGE and refusing to assist in any fashion, one person directs us to the T&M group who then directs us to sales vice versa. Because we are refusing to pay 40k$ for a new system.

-To your technical point I have confirmed we could upgrade the system to 10G IO modules with support, not sure if that is locked down to iscsi or can be used to offload our NFS data. Would it?

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