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Failover on iSCSI ports on VNX 5400.


How I can be sure that I have configured correctly my iSCSI ports to support failover network?

I have a VNX5400 with SPA and SPB. Each with Two-port 10-Gb/s SFP+ Optical I/O modules, so 2 modules with a total of 4 ports split between SPA and SPB and connected to a switch. I have assigned virtual IPs for each port.

SPA Module 1 SlotA2 -Port0

SPA Module 1 SlotA2 -Port1

SPB Module 2 SlotB2 -Port0

SPB Module 2 SlotB2 -Port1

How I can be sure that if I lost one port (damaged or I disconnect it) another available port will handle his current work? What setup of configuration I need to do?

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Re: Failover on iSCSI ports on VNX 5400.

First I'd recommend that you review KB This is the recommended setup for iSCSI.

Next, you'll need to disable TCP Delayed ACK on the hosts:

On the Windows or VMware ESX host server check whether the DELAYED ACK is disabled. To change the delayed ACK settings for (this may also apply to Linux hosts):

a. VMware ESX host server, see emc191777 - Why is ESX performance slow when using iSCSI?
b. Windows, see emc150702 - Recommended TCP/IP settings for Microsoft iSCSI configurations to fix slow performance

As to failover, that is on the hosts through the failover software. There is a setting called "failover mode" - for almost all operating systems that should be set to 4. ESX has what's called a host agent that should automatically setup the failover mode when first connected.

Check the web site - this takes you to a place that you can create a host connectivity guide that will help with setting up the hosts. Go to the VNX Series, then the Server Tasks.


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