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How to change SMTP settings on VNX5300?

I found that to change the SMTP settings for the email alerts sent by our VNX SANs, I need to go to:

<SAN_NAME> \ System \ Monitoring & Alerts \ Notifications for File.

From the menu at the right, I then choose "Manage Email User For File" and I get a dialog where I can change the SMTP address. I'm OK with this.

But just above that option is one called "Manage Connect Home For File" which displays a dialog which has the field Email \ Email SMTP \ Primary" and an old SMTP server is listed here. Firstly, what does this screen do differently from the one above?

Secondly, how do I change the SMTP setting in this dialog to point to our new SMTP server.

SAN Software version is


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Re: How to change SMTP settings on VNX5300?


Please refer to the below mentioned thread,might help you:




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