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How to debug theses messages " 4600 'Faults' called by ' Navi User..."

The storage is a VNX5300 and the customer is using only the block.

Array Name:                cst-cg01
Array Serial Number:       CKM00112201055
Array Model:               VNX5300  ( UNIFIED )

                           SPA------------      SPB------------
Array Software Revision:     
SP Serial Number:          CF2J9111800152       CF2J9111800127      
IP Address:             
PROM Revision:             7.20.00              7.20.00             
SP Signature:              2d2098               2d207f              
Agent Revision:            7.32.28 (0.45)       7.32.28 (0.45)      
SP Memory:                 8192                 8192                
SP Time:                   04/08/2014 08:38:20  04/08/2014 08:37:10 
SP Uptime:                 84 days 15:08:54     84 days 15:44:40    
Read Cache State:          ENABLED              ENABLED             
Write Cache State:         ENABLED              ENABLED             
Read Cache Size:           300                  300                 
Write Cache Size:          2482                 2482                
Cache Page Size:           8                    8                   
Greater WC Availability:   ENABLED              ENABLED             
System Fault LED:          ON                   ON                  
System Disk Free Space:    52.2 GB (79% free)   52.7 GB (80% free)  
Enclosures:                4                    4                   
Disks:                     58                   58      

He complains of random performance problems .

In the SPcollects , there are few thousands messages like this  :


4600 'Faults' called by ' Navi User supervision' ( with result: Success (Navisphere Secure CLI command: )

So I have 2 questions :

1st   How to find and debug theses messages ?

2nd   Are these messages may affect performance ?

Thank you

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Re: How to debug theses messages " 4600 'Faults' called by ' Navi User..."


Looks like SP collects need to be investigated for this alert; I would suggest you to open a Service request with EMC Support team.


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Re: How to debug theses messages " 4600 'Faults' called by ' Navi User..."

The message in the logs is an indication of a user sending a request to the array to display the faults on the array. This is coming from the host with the IP address listed in the message. This looks like some kind of monitoring program - see what host is what it's running.

Faults' called by ' Navi User supervision' (