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How to manage EMC storage with Unisphere Central

How to manage EMC storage with Unisphere Central

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Storage administrators usually have to browse kinds of management interface. Unisphere Central is designed for one interface controlling all the storage devices. Since different devices have different features, Central cannot replace their own Web interface, but it has improved much.


Detailed Information

Unisphere Central runs on ESX/ESXi server, currently supports VNXe, VNX/VNX2, CLARiiON CX4, and Xtreme SW Cache.


With Unisphere Central GUI, users could check warning, storage capacity, performance monitor, and so on. Whether IO is overloaded is also clearly displayed.


Here we introduce two ways to logon CLI:

1.     Use vSphere Client

Right click Unisphere Central, open Console, you could see the CLI:


logon information:

Username = service

Password = the password of GUI account.

2.       Use Putty

Logon Web interface GUI, click “help”,


Select Service EMC Unisphere Central


Input GUI logon password (not “service” nor “Password 123#”)


If SSH has not been enabled, the interface will prompt ”Enable SSH”:


Then you could logon Putty:



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Do I need to have VNX Monitoring and Reporting in place to be able to use Unisphere Central?


No Unisphere Central is an individual application which is different from VNX M & R.

While M & R is only for VNX product line, UC is for VNX, VNXe and Xtreme IO as well.

They are not dependent on each other. You can use it separately.


OH OK. We have had a problem with Unisphere Central reporting back storage details from our VNX5500. It will bring back the overall capacity and will show storage pool capacity put does not display any LUNs or filesystems when there are both. It works absolutely fine with our CX4.

I logged a call and was advised by EMC Support that it was not working because I needed VNX Monitoring and Reporting. I am happy to raise another call, or reopen the old one but how can I get this resolved?



Is there a way you can provide me the SR number for the call which you raised for VNX Lun, FS not showing up.


It was 70270496.

Many Thanks



I have just read the closure notes from the call as I had not read them until now, I have to disagree with the summary. The data I cannot see is a list of the LUNs and Filesystems. Not a problem with performance metrics as stated. I was told I needed VNX M&R to view details (by which I mean Name, Size, Capacity etc) about the LUNs and Filesystems.


If your question is should I be able to view the details of the LUN and File system of the VNX which I have added in UC?

Yes you should be able to view the details .


I am getting the SR reopened.

As you can see from the attached screenshots, we have 55 LUNs on this VNX but UC does not show any. Same goes for the Filesystems.



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Dear Team,

Good Day!


Can someone provide me Unisphere Central for my vnxe 3150. Thanks in advance.

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