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How to reset factory default VNX 5300

Hi All,

We recently purchased a VNX 5300 at auction and would like to reinitialize to factory default, we are new to the EMC world.

What we are able to do;

  • Connect to Remotely Anywhere via service port
  • Reconfigure management port via W2K8 desktop

What we are not able to do;

  • Connect to Remotely Anywhere via management port
  • All NaviSecCli commands fail, saying management server not running.
  • All Unisphere tools are unable to discover and/or connect to array
  • Ping the management port
  • ARP display mac address

We would appreciate any constructive advice offered (pls do not suggest to contacting Dell for an engineer to assist us, as there charges are outside of our affodability).



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Re: How to reset factory default VNX 5300

Can you browse to the setup page of the SP? Even via the service port?


Remotely Anywhere access is usually blocked on the Management Port.

Don't know why the NaviSecCli commands fail. Did you reboot after changing the IP?

I assume you already tried Unisphere Initialization Utility to discover the array.

There is a procedure to Reimage an Array, you need to use the serial port, but it also wipes any feature keys (enablers) on the array. Unfortunately this procedure is only available to EMC internal and partners and I'm not allowed to disclose that.

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