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I cannot import a Celerra/VNX File configuration file (CCC.xml) into NSD-U?

Unless you have some DB & XML knowledge, I would open a case with the tools team to investigate.  You can do this from within the NSD-U tool via the menu:  “Help” à “Send Support Request”.  Fill out the form and submit for a quick response.

For the adventurous, you can review the log files.  For my issue it was the edg_loader_error.log file, with the following key line:  Bulk load data conversion error (truncation) for row 982, column 8 (ACTION).  So somewhere there is a field called action.  Search the CCC.xml file for “Action” and it seems to be related to “CelerraALERTS.” Now look at the DB table for “Alerts”, and the Action value has a 256 character limit.  Now search the CCC.xml file for “Actions” greater than 256 characters and modify any values found to be less than 256 characters. Now the file should import fine. Most of the values have character limits, so you can apply this procedure to any similar error.

A bug report has been submitted, but in the meantime, you need to perform the following work-around.

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