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Isilon SNMP Traps Alerting SPAM

Hey all,

i´m here at a customers Site and have Serios Problems with Integrating the Isilon Systems into a Monitoring System via SNMP Traps. The Problem ist the following:

Let´s say i produce an Error and just unplug a Power Cable, now the Error is sent through a SNMP Trap to the Monitoring System. And now i fix the Error and plug the Power Cable back in. OK, now we have an Error within the GUI that has a Start and a End Time. We also can Quiet (the System should no longer cry about that Error, also if it still exists) or sometimes Cancel it what means that this Error wil be deleted, but if it still occurs a new Error will be logged.

I tried everything, i Quieted Events, i canceled them, i restarded the whole Cluster, i restarted the Celog Services and so on..... but some Errors are sent out trough SNMP Traps over and over and over again......... and then (i´m not sure why) it stops.......

I have an Open Case @ Isilon Support for that, but maybe someone is here who had the same Problem and can help.



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Re: Isilon SNMP Traps Alerting SPAM

Whilst I don't know the answer to your question, it would help if you mentioned which version of OneFS you are running on your cluster.


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Re: Isilon SNMP Traps Alerting SPAM

BTW there now is an Isilon forum here on the support forums

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