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LUN Ownership status during SP reboot - Unknown

Hello All,

During a recent SP failover test at a customer we saw that during the SP reboot the "Current Owner" for the trespassed LUNs was showing as "Unknown". I believe that Unknown state comes when there is no owner assigned. But the Trespassed LUN report was displaying the correct current owner and also the hosts did not loose connectivity to the LUNs. Is this expected or is there something wrong here?

Screenshot attached for reference.

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Re: LUN Ownership status during SP reboot - Unknown

Hi, I have seen the same thing happen on occasion, and have put it down to gui/java updating issues.

For that reason, during upgrades, failures, tests or just when I want definitive up to the second data, I default to using cli.

(in this case the naviseccli -h spaddress getlun -trespass)

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