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Mirror View/A Host Migration

Two weeks from now I am doing an array swap using Mirrorview/A.  The old array is being mech replaced.  I have all of the LUN's mirrored on the new array using MV/A.

I believe I have all of the documentation but I'm not completely sure how the cutover works.  The plan is to follow the steps below but I've never actually done it before.

Anyone's thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

1. Bring the two host clusters down.

2. Perform an incremental sync to ensure each LUN is in a synchronized state.

3. Promote the mirrors to the primary images.

4. Bring the hosts back up.

5. Zone the hosts to the new luns.

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Re: Mirror View/A Host Migration

1) Make a final Synchronization

2) Remove the hosts from the storage group; So the hosts will not make any write operations

3) Zone the hosts to remote storage array

4) Add the remote LUNs , hosts to  a storage group.

5) Check to see wheather the host can access the LUN.

6) Once everything looks good remove the MirrorView Sessions.

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