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Mirror view of 2 storage arrays on seperate networks

Hi, I need some support with the following scenario;

Having 2 networks within our labs

1. – private for internal use only

2.  - over the internet
to deliver customer labs on

There is a global security policy that “no one piece of hw may be connected to XDN
and ECN networks at the same time”. This causes much restrictions on us for
builds and continuous integration.

   I have just got approval to be allowed connect on FC only, 2 VNX, 1 on ECN and 1 on XDN. Whereby I could mirror the lun from ECN onto XDN to use the data in our XDN cloud.

I thought I could do this using mirror view. Synchronous or Asynchronous.


However,I have been informed that regardless, mirror view requires ip connectivity of the 2 VNX.



Managing remote mirror


To manage remote mirror
configurations, the Unisphere management workstation must have an IP connection
to both, the local and remote storage systems. The connection to the remote
storage system should have an effective bandwidth of at least 128 Kb/s. The
storage systems can be in different Unisphere domains, which you can manage
with the UI.


   Is there a solution whereby I can push data, one way , from one storage array
onto  another, not using Ethernet connectivity?

Kind Regards,


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Re: Mirror view of 2 storage arrays on seperate networks

Short answer is no.


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