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MirrorView/S and Storage Pools with FAST(VP)

Anyone have any best practice around this configuration.

I am slightly worried that the primary data could be on fast disk and the secondary copy could be on slow disk and thereby affect performance of mirroview/s.

My thinking is not to use mixed storage pools for MirroView/S LUNs and keep them the same at both sites or use traditional RAID groups.



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Re: MirrorView/S and Storage Pools with FAST(VP)

Another consideration – with current code the recommendation is to not have Fast Cache enabled on the secondary for performance reasons.

Since with pool based LUNs you can only enable/disable Fast Cache per pool you would at least have to create an extra pool on the destination


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Re: MirrorView/S and Storage Pools with FAST(VP)

I know that enabling Fas tCache will use up available SP memory so that the SP Write Cache will be lower.

But on an array where other RG or Pools are using Fast Cache this will be the case wether or not MV/S uses this.

What performance impact is it we are worried about, if we enable Fast Cache on MV/S secondary LUNS


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